About Dan Conway

About Dan Conway


Dan Conway and The Good Steward

Dan Conway and The Good Steward represent two of the most easily recognized “brands” for stewardship in the Catholic Church.

Dan Conway has been writing about stewardship since 1988. His monthly column, The Good Steward, is sponsored by Graham-Pelton Catholic Services and sent by e-mail to diocesan and parish leaders throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Catholic bishops, diocesan officials, pastors and lay leaders know the name Dan Conway, and they associate him with the theology and practice of Christian stewardship taught by the U.S. bishops in their pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, a publication that Dan helped write in the early 1990s. Protestant church leaders also recognize the Dan Conway and The Good Steward brands., and for many years now Dan has given major talks on stewardship to Roman Catholic, Episcopal and Lutheran church leaders meeting in cities throughout the United States, Europe and Australia..

Dan Conway is the author of four books and more than 200 articles on stewardship themes. Dan’s writing strives to probe the full meaning of Christian stewardship—beyond just volunteerism or church support. Church leaders have come to recognize Dan Conway as a prominent “thought leader” in stewardship education and a trusted consultant in the increasingly important field of mission advancement.

As brands, “Dan Conway” and “The Good Steward” represent integrity, professionalism and authentic Christian spirituality within the stewardship movement. Through Graham-Pelton’s sponsorship of The Good Steward Newsletter, Dan Conway’s name, image and stewardship reflections have consistently been made available for use in stewardship education and mission advancement efforts in parishes and schools in dioceses throughout the United States.

In 2011, Dan began to use forms of historical fiction to illustrate stewardship principles. A Communion of Saints: Dreams of Happiness on the Road to Life (2011) uses imagination mixed with personal history to reflect on the mysteries of life, death and eternity.  Father Turiddu: Savior of the City (2012), Father Turiddu Returns: The Cardinal and the Inquisitor (2013) and Father Turiddu and the Polar Vortex (2015) are fictional adventure stories based on the life and ministry of Monsignor Salvatore E. Polizzi, a Sicilian-American priest, now 84-years-old, who is a beloved pastor, a church and civic leader and a devoted brother, uncle and friend.  Father Turiddu always speaks his mind—especially when arguing with the Sacred Heart of Jesus—and he knows how to handle his enemies—domestic or foreign terrorists. But most of all, he is a pastor who cares deeply about his people. His life is the stewardship story of man who knows that he has been blessed and, so, uses all his gifts to help others and to give back to the Lord with increase.

Dan and his wife, Sharon, have five children and one granddaughter. They are members of Holy Trinity Parish in Louisville, Kentucky.


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